Branding is undergoing the biggest change in 65 years.

The best brands win over billions by leveraging technology in entirely new ways to inspire, to help and ultimately to play a bigger and more meaningful role in people’s lives.

Is your brand future ready?

Rasmus Bech Hansen is an executive brand advisor specialised in building brands for a connected world.

He has helped Fortune 500 brands leveraging the potential of technology and instilled technology brands with a purpose beyond their products.

Brands are the most direct link between human progress and business progress.

Done right, branding holds the key to enormous positive change for people, organizations and societies.

Rasmus has more than 15 years’ experience working with large companies including IKEA, LEGO and Virgin, as well as a number of + $1B valuation European startups.

There is no formula for building a brand. It requires insight, genuine strategic creativity and a bespoke approach for every business.

Groundbreaking and innovative brand and marketing programmes

Digital product development

Determining what business a company is really in

Uncovering and developing an inspiring purpose

Organizing a mixed brand portfolio

New product development

Finding the right partners

Briefing and overseeing creative execution

Interim CMO role

Ideas on brand transformation

No corporate function has changed as much as marketing in the last 10 years.

Rasmus regularly publishes leading thought pieces on the intersection of brand, marketing and branding issues in the international press. Below are links to some of his articles from Fast Company and Harvard Business Review.

Harvard Business Review:
"The brand network effect "

"The brand isn’t dead, but the traditional branding tools are dying"

Fast Company:
"The 1P marketing paradigm"

He has also co-written a book on the new 1P marketing paradigm
(English version forthcoming).

Sample of recent speeches

The new brand building playbook
The 1P marketing paradigm
The long view
The promise of real native advertising

Rasmus has always been fascinated by the power of the public, of media and communications to change the world around us.

He started his first newspaper when he was just 12. He had his first newspaper column when he was 15. He got national attention as a speaker when he was 20 and became his country’s youngest ever government spin-doctor when he was 22.

Since then he has studied political science, won the Crown Prince Frederik Scholarship for extraordinary academic achievement (the equivalent of a Rhodes Scholarship), received an MPA from Harvard’s Kennedy School, consulted for Forrester Research, co-founded a brand consultancy and held leadership positions in two global brand consultancies.

Since 2013 he has been independent advisor, writer and entrepreneur based in London.

Besides his advisory roles, he is also the non-executive board member of one fine national newspaper, and founder of a technology venture, that
seeks to invent a new scalable format for brands to engage their audiences.

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Follow: @rasbech